Top 15 Online WebDev Tools I Use

Here is a small list, of tools that I use a lot and I basically got used to them so much that it will be hard to give up on them, this list only presents most important ones , I also use some CSS generators when I am lazy (but I’ll make another TOP 15 list just for them), a Lorem Ipsum generator and few other specific-task ones that are not relevant.

  1. StackOverflow – I know it is not an actual tool but I still had to mention it. It is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers, it has a huge community and it is basically one of the best websites to use for gaining knowledge. Whatever question you may have, the answer might already be there.
  2. WhatTheFont – It’s a very useful tool if you see an image with a font you really like but you have no idea what font style it is.
  3. W3C Validator – W3C will analyze your code, then point out the exact elements, if any, that doesn’t validate with the correct format. 
  4. Minifier – Basically, it takes all of the white space and breaks out of the files, creating a single line of characters. After it’s been re-formatted, it’s pretty impossible to understand, but the size will be reduced.
  5. Un-minifier – This one does the exact opposite of what Minifiers do. It takes a single line of unreadable code and arranges it nicely so you can edit it.
  6. Pingdom & GTMetrix – They both do approximately the same job: they analyze your website page-loading times and generate reports that contain detailed pieces of information about anything that is slowing down your website.
  7. Google Mobile-Friendly test – This tool is very important due to Google rolling out a ‘Mobile-first indexing’ update. Google is now striving for consumer’s ability to view a website correctly on smart devices.
  8. Responsive Web Design Testing Tool – A tool built by Matt Kersley to help with testing your responsive websites while you design and build them.
  9. Google Fonts – Pick a font from the huge font directory from Google and load it to your website in no time.
  10. Carbon Code Screenshots – Ever wanted to share a piece of code without showing the mess that lives on your desktop/editor tabs? Me too. Carbon Screenshots allow you to Simply paste in your code and the interface will render your code in beautifully colored code screenshot, that you can export as a PNG or SVG.
  11. Favicon Generator – Upload a single image and this generator will generate an icon pack with multiple sizes. Each size has its own specific purpose. Some for IOS shortcuts, Android shortcuts, and the general browser favorite icon.
  12. Secure Password Generator – I always pick dumb passwords. To help with that I’ve started using this tool that generates random characters following the rules you set.
  13. Uptime Robot – is a great uptime monitor that I’ve been using for a while now It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down – 50 monitors in the free plan.
  14. Online FTP Client – is not a replacement for a “real” FTP client but it is great for those times you do not have your regular FTP client handy.
  15. In-browser proxy – I use it to when caching/cookies/whatever session-related stuff becomes more annoying than usual and I need to check if what I see is the actual live thing or just a cached version of it. There are dozens of available providers, I use my own

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