Fake views on YouTube or global hysteria?

Have you ever wondered how is it possible that a stupid video can have billions of views? Well, I did and without trying to offend anyone I can say there are only two possibilities: the people actually like dumb videos or those numbers are artificially inflated.

The following table lists the top 10 most-viewed videos on YouTube, with each total rounded to the nearest 10 million views, the uploaders, and the upload date.

I can accept the fact that people have different tastes in music/ whatever reason to watch stupid things but 6.51 billion is way too much to accept as a real figure. With that in mind and the strong belief that not everyone went dumb in the last 5 years, I’ve decided to explore the other way a little more.

I have a video uploaded on youtube which only has 2 views since it was set to private and I’ll try to increase that number without having someone actually watching it.

Obviously YouTube has a counting system based on many pieces of information collected from the browser used to access and play the video so simply refreshing the page won’t do the trick. But I’ve discovered that even the most primitive traffic exchange/generator websites will fool the algorithm.

For this example, I’ve used 10khits.com – it’s free and easy to setup.

It works on a simple principle – you see websites of others and they see yours. 10khits.com has an in-browser functionality so it doesn’t require you to install anything so I’ve created an account with them and let the browser surf for @ 20 min on a Raspberry Pi.

The results were amazing, considering the fact that this is maybe one of the simplest ways of getting fake views, it is free and can run on everything that has a browser. It generated 42 views in @20min.

So…40 views in 20 min using a simple, free tool … It means fifty million hours to generate 6billion views. But what if you pay for this tool and get the option to run 10 sites at the same time. 5 million hours. What if you create 1000 accounts running 10 websites? 208 days, still too much. How about 10.000 accounts? 20 days. One account is 9.99$

But that is already too much. No one does that, except all click farms across the world. Oh and keep in mind that after you reach a certain number of views you get in trending..which is a way of attracting innocents so more views.

The conclusion is: no matter how dumb something is and how unlikely it is that the video will actually be watched by human beings, it can have as many views as you want. As a matter of fact, I might add this to the list of services I can provide. For only 99,900 $ per month, I can guarantee to provide 118 billion views/year, even do the total world population is 7,7 billion and around a third of them never used the internet.

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