DIY Monitor – what they won’t tell you about it

I’ve seen recently a lot of videos, tutorials, and people explaining how to do it, and even do it’s an interesting idea, to make old stuff useful again instead of throwing them away, I don’t like it and obviously, I have a few reasons for that. Let me explain. What most of them say is:

“For almost every existing screen someone out there came up with a dedicated controller board”

For almost every existing screen someone out there came up with a dedicated  COMPATIBLE controller board. – is the correct way. And DEDICATED=/=COMPATIBLE.

A DEDICATED Controller Board – is the result of lots of work –  is a board that has been designed, built using required parts keeping in mind the tolerances of the screen, tested under different conditions and it’s meant to do its job without, under no circumstances, damaging the screen itself or the video signal source or whatever else is connected to it.

A COMPATIBLE Controler Board is also the result of hard work. Well maybe not the board itself, but the list with compatible screens definitely is! What they do is a list of screens that use the same kind of connectors, then they narrow the list only to the screens with the same connectors and with the same required parameters (Plus/Minus X%).
After that, they put together a board that will output something in that range. Job done! List it on eBay and call it the day!

  Now, back on the main subject, the Diy monitor tutorials – Why I don’t like them? Because they will explain to you how to find your compatible controller board and build a wonderful screen in a nice enclosure made out of Mexican dry burnt wood dried on the virgin beaches of Siberia, glued together using homemade almond&ginger glue, but they Won’t tell the truth.
Yes, you can build it- that is correct – but it is pointless to put that much work and money into it. Why? Because: Compatible=/=Dedicated It won’t work for more than a few weeks.
The Compatible board will give the screen more or less mAh than it needs, more or less volts than it needs at a frequency that is more or less than the required value and in the end, will burn the electronics inside the screen or will overheat and die or will short out inside the Mexican dry burnt wood dried on the virgin beaches of Siberia enclosure.
That is why I don’t like the tutorials about this and the people making them. And that is why I strongly recommend not to waste your time& money on it. Or if you decide to do it anyways…at least make sure the compatible board has a decent range of parameters in comparison with the ones required by your screen.

  That it is only my opinion, that I formed analyzing final products I’ve seen so far on different DIY websites keeping in mind more aspects like most common causes for electronic components failure. You can read more about that here  and after that try to identify as many possible causes listed there, that you can recognize in a “how-to build… ” tutorial

 Anyway, if the rest of the components of a product – the donor laptop in this case – already failed(died peacefully because that is what electronics do after a while) what are the chances that a key component like the screen not to? “bathtub curve” says… not too many… As you can see, in time, the failure rate is increasing.

Fitting a part that is in the final part of its lifetime with a compatible board that not only won’t provide its exact required work parameters but is also in the “Infant mortality zone” on the bathtub curve ( due to unprofessional mounting, cheap components, possible ESD, etc.) is something you do if you don’t have anything better to do.
And another thing..I’m quite sure that those who are actually creating those tutorials are more than aware of everything I said here (given the fact that most of them call themselves experts, engineers, professionals whatever)…but I understand that telling people how to build something that will fail eventually in a short period won’t attract views…It’s like making a tutorial about levitation – tell them that they only have to jump up and show them a video with that. Just remove the part where you fall back on the ground.

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