DI Kits – What they won’t tell you about them?


If you ‘ve ever google search for something somehow related to electronics parts/tools/schematics I’m sure you’ve seen an ad for an amazing DIY robot/drone/whatever kit. I get that a lot.
  Some of them are quite interesting, and I am 100% sure that they will work if you just follow the instructions while building it. They are actually easy to built and they will work long enough so you can show off in front of everyone who knows you how many mechatronic skills you have.
 So far so good! So what they won’t tell you about those kits?
 Well, they basically won’t tell you that they just paid few engineers to design it in a way that it will work even if a monkey will assemble it – if someone tells me he built a DIY whatever kit I start to have serious doubts about every mechatronics related skill he claims he has. Except for handling a small screwdriver. But that is just me :)).
  Anyway, the second part is the cost – those kits will cost you sometimes more/same price than an actual off the shelf product, even to the provided parts are the cheapest they could find and they also include some single-use, dirt cheap tools, and some instructions.

 So..by making you think that you are skilled in mechatronics/electronics/whatever, they are charging you almost the price of an actual off the shelf product, for something that will be a functional product only if you put some effort in building it.
   Next time you see this type of DIY kits, google the actual product, you will be amazed. You can actually buy the fully functional product, maybe you might even get some warranty for it for basically the same money you can get a bag of cheap parts, a screwdriver, and 3 A4 sheets.

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