Cyber security recommendations

 One cannot be complacent about security these days. There are always hackers and thieves doing all they can to steal people’s money, personal information, photos, identities, etc. Much of today’s cyber threats involve fraud on some level. If you don’t already have reliable internet security software, it’s time to get it. If you do have one, either make sure it is up to date or choose another one. There should always be a security suite running on your computer and mobile devices at all times.

 A regular antivirus program isn’t really enough these days, as cybercriminals are continuously looking for new ways to bypass security. The good thing about a lot of security packages is that their pricing usually includes protection for multiple devices as well as parental control tools. This means you can protect not only yourself but your children from cybercriminals and predators.

 On the other hand, you might not need all of the tools and features internet security software comes with. Too many processes could just lead to your computer or device being clogged up. Carefully look over a list of the features that are included in each subscription plan and decide which plan will be enough for you. Do you really need everything? For instance, not everyone needs extra webcam protection. You can simply cover yours up when not using it. If you’re not on social networking sites that much, you might not need extra protection for it. A Wi-Fi security advisor is good for businesses to have, but do you need it for your home network?

Why Not Go With Free Internet Security Software?

 Free software isn’t the best choice because it tends to come with strings attached, like advertisements all over the interface. You’ll often get popup notifications trying to get you to pay for the full version. The interface for a premium suite of security software is usually cleaner and easier to use.

 If you want to protect multiple devices and PCs, it’s important to select a company that simplifies the process, by offering some type of remote control and scanning. Will you be able to login to the company’s website and access your account and take control of the network? It’s also very helpful when the security program automatically updates itself so that you won’ t have to keep up with everything on all of your devices.

  Below I’ve compiled a list with 3 of the best antivirus solutions, that I recommend, using data from multiple sources and focusing on expert opinions(AV-TEST, AV-Comparatives & SE Labs), as well as user reviews (ConsumerReports,ConsumerAffairs)

  Bitdefender (my personal favourite)
is made by a Romanian cybersecurity and anti-virus software company. It has won many awards for their global security infrastructure. They distribute their software through partners in over 150 countries and work largely with government organizations & large enterprises.
   Artificial intelligence and revolutionary technology, as well as global access to their customer’s computers, allows Bitdefender to be prepared for all types of viruses and malware.

Bitdefender Features

  • Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection – The new version of Bitdefender has advanced ransomware protection that prevents loss of money or files. Ransomware remediation is an extra layer of protection which backs up targeted files until the malicious processes can be closed. Restoration of encrypted files is also possible with Bitdefender.
  • Bitdefender’s SafePay is a secure browser which protects you when banking online and when you need to log in and enter your personal information. All your information is securely encrypted so no one can have access to your details.
  • Vulnerability Scanner – This scan runs checks for missing updates with applications. It will inform you if there are Windows patches, weak passwords or any network issues.
  • File Shredder – Securely wipe out selected files and folders to ensure they cannot be recovered. Keep your computer safe from deleted files that might still be on your computer.
  • Zero System Slowdowns– Revolutionary technology ensures instant reaction to malware. The system works without any system shutdowns.
  • Webcam Protection– With advanced protection you can extend cover to your cameras, mobile phones and tablets. This Network Threat Prevention technology will keep malware from infecting or accessing your webcam, and other devices.
  • Autopilot System-This system provides intelligent recommendations on how to optimize protection by studying the way you use your devices
  • Automatic Upgrades

Pros and Cons of Bitdefender

 Bitdefender is an antivirus with a stellar reputation of accurate and reliable malware and virus protection for all PC’s and devices. Features included are impressive. and they also offer multi-layered ransomware protection.
On the negative side, some of the bonus tools are very basic and the initial disk scan is very slow.

 Kaspersky Security Cloud works ondifferent devices from one platform. The Adaptive Security follows your lifestyle to give you the best security. Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is a centralized security analysis center that provides warnings when cyber threats are detected.
 This global internet security company has over two decades of experience and offers the latest in malware detection. The core antivirus engine blocks out malware and the System Watcher protects your devices from network attacks, suspect email attachments and phishing.
 Kaspersky received first place among 18 antivirus programs for neutralizing up to 100% of tested malware. AV tests were also impressive and they were awarded high scores for protection, performance and ease of use.
 Kaspersky offers comprehensive protection with their file antivirus which checks open, launched and saved files. Their mail antivirus monitors all emails and messages and their web antivirus protects you against web pages with malicious scripts.

Kaspersky Features

  • Adaptive Security – Award winning solutions are added to patented adaptive security technologies to create personalized solutions that follow your pattern of interned browsing. The adaptive technology adapts to your lifestyle and offers high cybersecurity.
  • Security Management – Secure management features allow you to configure your security and share with family members and co-workers. Every member will have their own account and security solution.
  • Safe Money – Disable screenshot tools when you are banking online or purchasing from an e-Commerce website. Use the Kaspersky secure browser to protect your data.
  • On-screen keyboard – This keyboard offers protection when logging in, using your credentials, account numbers or other sensitive information online. This offers security from hackers trying to access your confidential information.
  • Vulnerability Scan – This scan assesses expired security patches, faulty configured settings and more. Faults are fixed instantly protecting you from all types of malware.
  • Ransomware – Kaspersky offers a unique type of ransomware blocker that protects household and business computers with a multi-layered defense. This feature stops threats at the execution stage by analyzing emails, attachments and software vulnerabilities.
  • Phishing Detection – This feature protects users’ identity and personal information from suspect sites and programs. If phishing occurs you will get a warning on your screen.
  • Safe Kids – Parental Control – Keep your family safe from undesirable content and videos while online. This feature is only available with the Kaspersky Total Security package. Protection is available on PC, Mac and mobile devices. Instant notification of devices joining your home Wi-Fi.

Pros and Cons of Kaspersky

  Kaspersky is highly rated for its reliable and accurate protection, as well as its strong file recovery. The software is easy to install and use and there is a 30 day trial period. Fast and comprehensive full scans with personalized adaptive security protect your online transactions. Anti-spam and anti-banner components block unwanted content.
 Kaspersky has only a few negative ratings. The one is that the product might cause a slow down on your systems resources and the other is that the Internet Security Package and the free Antivirus have a lot of features missing.

  Avira AV comparatives gave Avira 99.9% protection ratings in 2018 and they have consistently been in the top 5 antivirus programs.
  Avira offers Unlimited customer support is provided to all Avira customers with toll free number and email and the mobile app allows you to scan all devices connected to your Wi-Fi and keeps all your smartphones, laptops and tablets safe.
 If you need to optimize performance on your PC you can run a tune up instantly through the Avira software. This will remove junk from your disk and registry and optimize your systems memory usage and applications.
 With Avira you do not have to worry about security as the software erases your web activity and encrypts your confidential information and gives you extra protection with email scanning, evolving ransomware threats and USB device protection.

Avira Features

  • Premium Mobile App – wich allows you to Protect all your mobile devices with the mobile app.
  • PC optimization – this will help you locate junk files, temporary files and all unnecessary folders for deletion.
  • Encrypt confidential data – Secure your confidential information and encrypt your web traffic to prevent hackers from accessing your online browsing. Identity Scanner checks to see if any of your login data is available in any database breaches.
  • Secure passwords – Passwords are securely stored after being auto generated.
  • Automatic Updates – Software and drivers are automatically updated.
  • VPN Services – Unblock geographically restricted websites with the use of the Avira VPN.
  • Privacy Pal – Erases browser data and other temporary caches and files by scanning key areas like your browsing and download history, chat logs, cookies, browser sessions and application usage.
  • Malware Protection – Avira has a massive library of threats and a powerful scanner to protect you against unwanted applications.

Pros and Cons of Avira

 Avira’s antivirus tools are focused on detecting malware. They offer ease of use, protection and performance enhancing features. Malware is automatically deleted on detection even when you are not running a scan. Avira offers protection from Phishing attacks by scanning for fake websites and more.
 On the negative side, Avira does not have its own firewall which is important for warding off threats. Users of the free program have complained that there are a lot of annoying pop-up ads which can impact on CPU speed.

Final Words

 All 3 antivirus solutions listed above come with a trial testing period(30 days) to help you decide if you actually want it or not. The trial period is especially useful if you have doubts about a certain product or you can’t decide between two or more AVs and want to see them in action.
 Keep in mind though that using two or more antivirus programs at the same time isn’t a good idea. The antiviruses will end up thinking each other is a malware, or compete in order to eliminate viruses and significantly drag down your device performance.
  No matter what option you choose in the field of antivirus solutions, there are two tips that you would like to consider:

  •  First, a standard antivirus solution is not enough to keep you safe. I encourage you to use antivirus solutions that provide multiple security layers to stay safe. If malware passes one layer, they will have to face another, and with each new step chances of infection drop dramatically.
  •  Second, remember that not even the best security software alone can’t keep you safe online. It’s a widespread belief in the cybersecurity field that the best antivirus is you, meaning your judgment and general internet savviness should always come first.

Stay safe!

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